Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sedona Art Center APAP Show April 2010

The Arizona Plein Air Painters Annual Juried Show runs from April 8th - 14, 2010. The opening reception is on April 9th during the Sedona Artwalk, please join the artists to see all the artwork and the awards presentation. Our judge of awards is Betty Carr.
Artwork Delivery: 8-10Am on Thursday, April 8th
Pickup of artwork: Wednesday April 14th

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mayo Exhibit paintings

Arizona State Parks Exhibit at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale,
     First let me thank you all for participating in helping the public enjoy our State Parks in a creative way. The Mayo staff, patients and families were so happy with the exhibit and it received many good comments. Three pieces were sold to visitors.  The show is down I brought home several pieces that need to go home to their owners.  If you name is on this list we need to make arrangements to have your pieces picked up. I will be out of town untill April 15th and I am not going up to Sedona as I have a gallery show in northern California the same week.  Your work is safe and sound with a couple pieces gracing my walls.  Please note that we are planning a paint out at Lost Dutchmen on April 25, on April 24th APAP is invited to come down to the Valley and paint the Farm at South Mountain.
  Here are the artists that I picked up work for.
Barbara Donahue- Cornville
Linda Dellandre- Sedona
Michael Lundquist- Tucson
Bradford Turner- Tucson
Cindy Carrillo
   It is best to email me,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

APAP Provides Exposure for Members

APAP Website Provides Exposure for Members


The APPA Board of Directors is continually seeking opportunities for members to show their work and to become known to the state and regional art community.  The website is one of the primary tools for members to recognized and located.  An example of a recent success in this process was an opportunity for several members to be invited to participate in a Phoenix Airport Museum Art Show titled, " Landscapes Under Foot".  .  The mission of this museum program is "to showcase Arizona's unique artistic and cultural heritage". Ten Arizona plein air artists were selected by the curator to participate in this show of small landscape paintings. He started to look for artists to invite by doing a web search for plein air painters and immediately found our website.  By reviewing the images posted by members and looking at listed member websites he selected several APAP members to participate in this show which will run from April 3 thru September 26 in terminal 3.  Although the airport museum program does not provide for sales of art, tens of thousands of people will see this exhibit during the six month show.  Since all of the artists contact information is provide in the show brochure, this will be great advertising for those participating. This opportunity may not have been offered to those selected if they had not been an APAP member.


2009 was a challenging year for artists attempting to sell their work.  Many of you may be as frustrated as the Board is with the lack of sales at recent shows.  However, we understand that this past year was the worst year for gallery sales in over two decades and many galleries were forced to close. So we were not alone in our challenge. We encourage APAP members to not be too discouraged, but to use this slow time to effectively market yourself as an artist and the quality of your paintings.  We will continue to do our best to provide you with opportunities to have your work seen by the public through shows and paint-outs.  Keep your website image up to date with your best work and keep painting!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2010 Historic Miracle Mile Festival

APAP Painters have been invited by the to attend:
The 2010 Historic Miracle Mile Festival includes a Paint the Strip plein air event.  This year's event features artists such as Robert Goldman and Walter Porter.  We are extending the deadline for application to March 28
So far the event is already garnering good press.

Please visit www.CelebrateHistoricTucson.com for the prospectus.  And please share this email with your fellow painters.
Thank you,
Susan Alexander

Friday, March 19, 2010

Painting at Flagstaff Arboretum

       Mark your calendars now and get your name on the list to paint at the Arboretum in Flagstaff on June 27, 28.  You will need to contact Dawn Sutherland to sign up for this paint-out and show as the spaces are limited. Finished artwork is to be framed and then will be hung in the Arboretums gallery on Monday, June 28th at 1:00pm.  The Arboretum is open from   9:00- 4:00pm.  Please do not go onto the property untill it is open to the public. Last year the open meadows were loaded with flowers and the views of the mountains were terrific.  There will be a waiting list of names after the first spaces fill.
Dawn Sutherland-  dawnsuther@gmail.com    www.arb.org

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Painting Arizona State Parks 2010

Boyce Thompson Arboretum -Jan.
Fellow Painters,
As most of you already know our State Parks are hurting for funding and have closed many of our beautiful parks. The Education dept. has been closed down and all our friends that worked there no longer have jobs. We can not continue the Paint-outs as they were- but what APAP would like to do is continue to have our members regularly visit and paint the landscapes of the remaining open locations. These will be casual come when you want, no competitions or stamping of canvases, just paint and meet up with friends. Please encourage your painting buddies to join you, no they do not have to join APAP to attend. If you belong to another painting organization encourage the group to come out on these days and join us. Here are the locations that we know of as of March 18, 2010. Some have dates to be determined. If you would like to be a host (just be friendly and greet artists, answer painting questions) please let us know.

April 24th The Farm at South Mountain (not a State Park but a paintout location)
www.thefarmatsouthmountain.com and see the blog entry

April 25th Lost Dutchmen

July Fools Hollow

Sept.25/26 Dead Horse
Slide Rock- Applefest
November 27,28 Fall Festival at Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Juror Guidlines and CD Preparation




In an attempt to fairly and properly judge representational paintings, it is recommended that the juror consider both sides of the painting, the objective and subjective.


Idea: The first consideration might be about whether the piece speaks on an emotional level.  Does it create a convincing mood?  Is there some intriguing mystery or does it achieve an intangible richness?  How successful is the overall idea?  Is the artist's interpretation of the subject generally successful?


Opinions on these more subjective considerations may vary widely from one juror to the next, depending on personal taste, and the level of understanding and experience of the juror.


The technical considerations are only a little more easily determined.  From a more objective standpoint, the juror can now begin dissecting the technical merits of the painting.


Design and Composition:  Is the design interesting or static?  Does the composition support the design effectively and is there an interesting division on positive and negative space?  Is there a simple arrangement of the main masses with a clear dominant feature?  Is there an effective lead-in to the focal point?


Values: Has the artist controlled the values or manipulated them in an interesting way?  Do the values contribute to a sense of depth in the painting?


Drawing:  Is the drawing good?  Is the perspective correct and consistent throughout?  Is there good proportion from one mass to another?  Good shapes?  Is the position of the focal point attractive or distracting?


Color:  Is there a convincing sense of depth, perhaps richer in the foreground and more grey in the background?  Does the color scheme support the overall mood of the painting?  Is the color exciting or is it simply out of control?  Are there interesting combinations of warms and cools?  Are the temperature relationships believable?


Paint Application – Edges and brushwork:  What about the surface treatment?  Are the brushstrokes confident or tentative?  Are all the brushstrokes the same, causing a static effect, or is there an interesting variety in the length and size of the strokes?  Does the brushwork lend itself to the subject, does it create a believable sense of light and atmosphere?  Is it robust or formulaic?  Is there a variety of different edges?  Are there some wonderful thick and thin passages?  (oils and acrylics).


It is recommended that a summation or final assessment be made from the proper viewing distance for the size painting being judged.  Step back and see if it works on the whole.


In the end, the jurying/judging process will always be quite subjective.  None of us can escape our own personal preferences or current levels of understanding.  However, a responsible juror can attempt to assess from all the major vantage points for each work considered.


Ultimately, the juror must answer the question, how well did the artist achieve that delicate balance between inspiration and skill?  Both must be evident for a painting to succeed as art.

A note about CD submissions:

Many excellent paintings get rejected from shows and competitions simply because the CD was poorly prepared. Take a little time and make sure the painting is photographed well, cropped well and shows well on you computer before you burn your CD.


Remember entries are judged only on the quality of the image presented digitally.

                                                 Cody DeLong

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SunDust pickup-Sedona entry

    Pick up artwork from the SunDust Gallery today from 10:00am - 4:00pm. 48 W. Main St. in Mesa, Az.   If you don't make it there Cindy Carrillo will take your work home. You will need to work out getting your piece from her. 480-820-8111
    March 10th is the deadline for the Annual APAP Juried Show in Sedona. See the prospectus for the details.