Wednesday, March 24, 2010

APAP Provides Exposure for Members

APAP Website Provides Exposure for Members


The APPA Board of Directors is continually seeking opportunities for members to show their work and to become known to the state and regional art community.  The website is one of the primary tools for members to recognized and located.  An example of a recent success in this process was an opportunity for several members to be invited to participate in a Phoenix Airport Museum Art Show titled, " Landscapes Under Foot".  .  The mission of this museum program is "to showcase Arizona's unique artistic and cultural heritage". Ten Arizona plein air artists were selected by the curator to participate in this show of small landscape paintings. He started to look for artists to invite by doing a web search for plein air painters and immediately found our website.  By reviewing the images posted by members and looking at listed member websites he selected several APAP members to participate in this show which will run from April 3 thru September 26 in terminal 3.  Although the airport museum program does not provide for sales of art, tens of thousands of people will see this exhibit during the six month show.  Since all of the artists contact information is provide in the show brochure, this will be great advertising for those participating. This opportunity may not have been offered to those selected if they had not been an APAP member.


2009 was a challenging year for artists attempting to sell their work.  Many of you may be as frustrated as the Board is with the lack of sales at recent shows.  However, we understand that this past year was the worst year for gallery sales in over two decades and many galleries were forced to close. So we were not alone in our challenge. We encourage APAP members to not be too discouraged, but to use this slow time to effectively market yourself as an artist and the quality of your paintings.  We will continue to do our best to provide you with opportunities to have your work seen by the public through shows and paint-outs.  Keep your website image up to date with your best work and keep painting!

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