Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Call For Arizona Artists

The Open Air Invitational at Yavapai College
Hosted by the Perceptual Artists Society and the Friends of Verde Arts

Definitive Plein Air

Definitive Plein Air is outdoor painting from direct-study. It is a creative process that uses no secondary references, such as memory, photographs, reproductions, projections, camera displays, or electronic displays of any kind, including the otherwise 'historically traditional' uses of a camera obscura or camera lucida, and all compositional work is begun and completed by the artist at the point-of-view, via eye-to-subject-to-canvas interpretive study. Such works may be created by either alla prima [all at once] method, or through recursive study - multiple visits to the point-of-view over two or more days.
The Perceptual Artists Society and the Open Air InvitationalThe Perceptual Artists’ Society (PAS) promotes the role of perceptual painting and sculpture, and maintains that direct study and perceptual work will continue to underscore and have direct relevance to contemporary art and its continued development. Membership is open to all artists who work from life, whose visual source of inspiration is based on the act of looking, and who understand the enduring role of perceptual art.

To emphasize the role of perceptual painting as integral to the concept of plein-air landscape painting, the PAS will hold its first plein air event: a biennial Open Air Invitational in 2011. The purpose of the Invitational is to demonstrate and exhibit some of the best examples of Definitive Plein Air works. In other words, we want to support and celebrate the artists in our midst who work with earnest determination to see and paint with their own eyes and hands, the outdoor subject in its natural, uncompromised, state of being.

The event will give ten professional and ten student painters almost three months to complete five landscapes, worked exclusively from life with no reference to secondary source material, with at least one of the works completed in Yavapai County, Arizona. A private viewing and awards ceremony will be held on October 6, 2011, in the Verde Gallery on the Verde Valley Campus of Yavapai College in Clarkdale, Arizona, and the exhibition will be open to the public from October 7 – November 6, 2011. A first prize of $1500 will be awarded, with more awards to be announced.

Applications and more information: http://www.clivepates.com/


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  3. The Open Air Invitational is a pragmatic and appropriate response to the 'what if?' that is being debated [sometimes hotly] in plein air painting circles and discussions, both online and off. What if artists working outdoors, had the time and motivation to start, develop and finish outdoor paintings through revisitation [over the course of days], without ever having to consult, or even look upon secondary references? What if a contract were drawn, stipulating 'direct-study compliance' and enough time alotted to circumvent most any obstacle to 'working entirely from the subject' throughout the painting process, as it is actually seen, regardless of inclement weather issues and lodging?

    OAI and the Perceptual Artists' Society represent a new 'definitive' opportunity of plein air painting within, and 'in contrast to', the broader movement of outdoor [plein air] painting:

    We are looking for artists who are anxious and/or brazen enough to prove to the art-collecting community, and others, that 'what they do' can be done without taking away from the full opportunity and challenge of 'being there' ... that what they have developed 'in themselves' through their artwork is none other than the ability to paint 'what they see', without any additional reliance upon cameras, secondary references, or even cognizant memories of 'other expressions' in paint or pigments...

  4. Hi everyone:

    WE HAVE EXTENDED the application deadline to July 15, 2011. Please pass the word...