Monday, September 24, 2012

AAA Jury-In Applications Due Sept 29!

Great news: APAP has just been accepted as a league member in Arizona Art Alliance (AAA)!

AAA is an umbrella organization over 34 art leagues, and holds semi-annual shows (December Holiday Show and Spring Show) in their gallery at the Pavilions Shopping Center in Scottsdale. Also, each member league gets its own 2-week show there, in rotation.  Individuals in member clubs can apply for juried status to be eligible to enter the Holiday Show, and a special show in November honoring veterans. (They are having a gala reception for that show, with the Chamber of Commerce, City Council, a color guard, VFW, and Governor Brewer.) Non-veterans can be in that show.
Photos courtesy Arizona Art Alliance
IMPORTANT: Act NOW for Fall & Winter Shows!  Details on the jurying application process has been sent to APAP members by email.

Your application, jurying fee & CD has to be received by Friday Sept 29!! If you submit, you'll be notified immediately of acceptance, then if you choose, you can apply for entry to the shows. The forms for those, and the prospectus, are also on their website.

The deadline for application to the November show, themed "America - What a Great Country!" is October 19. It costs $35 for a 3-foot x 6-foot panel.

The deadline for application to the Holiday Show, themed "Give the Gift of Art" is October 18.  It costs $50 a panel.

The Holiday Show is coordinated through your rep, Rita Goldner, so the forms are not on the AAA website. If you're interested, email as soon as you get notification of your juried status, and she'll email you the forms and info.

Other news from AAA:

- The Workshop Classroom
The room is just remodeled; it's huge, with kitchen facilities and color-corrected lighting. It's available for $50 rent if you want to teach workshops and the AAA will advertise on their website and with email notices. They'll be teaching drawing and painting to veterans after the holidays, and are looking for volunteers to teach those classes. There are several workshops scheduled now, please check that page on the AAA website at

- The Gift Shop
The gift shop has been enlarged, and you need not be juried to display small items there, like prints and cards. I also saw some 8x10 oil plein air studies on panels, not framed, in a basket for $100 each. Call Kelley Smith at 623-229-6720 for more info.

- The Scottsdale Street Fairs
Starting in October, the street fairs will be held on Sundays, right in front of the gallery. They encourage artists to demo in front of the building during the fairs. Any sales will be run through the gallery.

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