Saturday, August 2, 2014

New August Paint-Outs for Earlybirds!

A warm Arizona welcome to new member, Michelle Wolfe of Flagstaff!   Michelle is an artist and teacher.  Learn more about her work here:

Here are our newest paint-outs from our intrepid Paint-Out Coordinator, Toni Perrin:

Saturday, August 30 -- Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park
37615 U.S. Highway 60, three miles west of Superior, AZ
Heather Coen is our hostess.  The park opens at 6 a.m. or whenever you choose to arrive.  (Look for Heather's arrival at 10 a.m.)
Heather is having a solo show at the arboretum from August 1 to September 30th.  
Demo Garden - oil, by Heather Coen
Everyone is invited to a reception with sandwiches and refreshments from 11 am to 1 pm on the 30th. -- 520-698-2811 recorded information
$7.50 adult admission
Leashed pets o.k.; trails & hiking within the park.

Wednesday Paint-Outs for August
Plan on the weather being "warmish".  Early starts help a lot.  Toni Perrin plans to be on site by 6:30 a.m. but you use your own discretion about time.

August 6 -- Jewel of the Creek
·        Come to the town of Cave Creek.  You will be on Cave Creek Rd., the “main drag,” which becomes an east to west route.
·        North on either Spur Cross Rd. or Basin Rd. for a very short distance.  Both roads go north from Cave Creek, and turn only one way onto Grapevine.  Either street will get you there.
·        Follow Grapevine a very short distance to Spur Cross Rd.
·        Continue to the north end of Spur Cross until you see a gravel parking lot on the left.  There is a stable across from the parking area. We will meet there (Toni will be there at 6 am).

This is a limited hiking opportunity.  Plan to strap your art stuff on your back or wheel it down the road. You can walk a much or as little as you choose.  There’s plenty to see, even from the parking lot.

August 13 -- Bartlett Flats at Bartlett Lake
You need a Tonto Day Pass, or an annual permit, to park there.   The Cave Creek Ranger Station (1/2 mi. on the left after turning off toward the lake) sells permits, and is open from 8:40 - 4:30 Monday-Saturday.  Other locations to purchase day passes are Circle K Stations and the Shell Station at the corner of Tom Darlington and Cave Creek roads. 
Allow Travel Time.  The meeting point is approximately 25 miles from the intersection of Tom Darlington and Cave Creek.  Allow plenty of time to get there (half hour?) and don't push the speed limit.  Sheriff Joe's boys will be waiting for you.  Carefree/Cave Creek speed limit starts out at a whopping 25 mph for a four lane divided highway.  The limit gradually escalates to 50.  Once you hit the 50, you should be fine.  It’s about 30 minutes from the turnoff to the site.
       From the intersections of Pima and Cave Creek or Tom Darlington and Cave Creek:
       East on Cave Creek to signs indicating Bartlett Lake.
       Turn right at the signs.  Bear to the right and proceed towards the lake.
       Just before coming to Bartlett Lake, turn left at the sign for Rattlesnake Cove
       Continue on this road (4-5 miles?) to Bartlett Flats, a big concrete parking lot.
       A sign will say “Yellow Cliffs” pointing to the left (north).
       Follow the sandy road to the lake.
       Yellow Cliffs are across the lake.  Park it and paint it. 
Brown's Ranch at McDowell Sonoran Preserve
August 20 – Brown’s Ranch Trailhead -- McDowell Sonoran Preserve
                   From the intersection of Dynamite and Pima, east on Dynamite to Alma School Rd. (Stoplight)
                   This is about a mile uphill.  Speed is 50 mph with a traffic camera, so mind your manners.
                   North (left) on Alma School about .9 mile to the park entrance.  Watch for raised pedestrian walkways which act as speed bumps.
                   There are ramadas, restrooms, trails and large vistas.
FYI: The name of the main rock formation is “Goldie’s Butte”.

August 27 -- Dave Wheeler’s Property
40218 N. 78th St. Cave Creek, 85331

                   Come to the intersection of Cave Creek and Schoolhouse Rd. (stop sign)
                   North on Schoolhouse to Highland (a right turn only).  Watch carefully for the Highland street sign.
                   Right on Highland to the end of the road.  The road becomes gravel, and somehow leads to or turns into 78th Street.
                   The driveway will be on the left and has stone markers.  Drive down the slope cautiously and park.
Happy Painting!!

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